We are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering with Free Korean Dogs


A portion of our profits will be donated to the organization to help FKD's rescue efforts! FKD supporters, foster care providers, volunteers & adopters can use code "FKD10" at checkout to receive a special 10% OFF discount at our shop.

As pet parents ourselves, it breaks our hearts to know that there are dogs, cats, as well as other animals out there being mistreated. We learned from Free Korean Dogs (FKD) that millions of dogs are slaughtered for meat consumption in Korea every single year, most kept in overcrowded cages in dog meat farms, not given water or food, beaten & tortured.
Founded in 2015, Free Korean Dogs is a registered charity in Canada and USA that saves hundreds of dogs each year from the Korean dog meat trade in hopes of helping them find their furever homes in North America. They have successfully rehomed 1000+ dogs - amazing!!


Now that summer is here, Boknal aka Korea's Hot Summer Tradition is also arriving. Every year to commemorate the 3 hottest days of summer as determined by the Lunar calendar, dog meat is a popular and traditional dish for this "special" occasion. Dogs are also often brutally tortured and beat before slaughter as it is believed that it enhances their flavour and nutritional properties. Read more about Boknal here.
Learn more about the great work FKD does & join the fight against dog/cat meat trade by:
Donating today to support adoption processes, raise awareness and community building efforts
Adopting a dog rescued from the Korean dog meat trade or at risk of it
Follow FKD on social media for updates
Contact FKD or contact us with any questions or to learn more!